CRP Planting and Native Grass Seeding Contract Services

Who can I hire to plant native grasses for a CRP program?

Standing C Excavating is an experienced CRP contractor specializing in CRP Planting and Native Grass Seeding for farmers, ranchers, and commercial and acreage property owners in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota and Wyoming. We help customers with CRP planting from Omaha to Cheyenne.

What does CRP stand for?

CRP (conservative reserve program) is a government program for farmers, ranchers and land owners. CRP is a voluntary program that helps agricultural producers use environmentally sensitive land for conservation benefits. Planting long-term grasses to improve the quality of water, air, and soil (from erosion).

What are the benefits of CRP planting?

CRP planting and native grass seeding helps improve habitat, provides great cover and a source of food for wildlife native to your area. CRP planting helps you reduce soil erosion, improve water quality, and restores the native habitat.

What species of grasses are common for CRP planting?

We have all of the popular Native Grasses for CRP planting. If we don't have the grass you are looking for listed below, please contact us about the grass seed you are looking for. We help with all types of native grasses such as Big Bluestem, Little Bluestem, Switchgrass, Indian Grass, and Western Wheatgrass, along with native forbs such as Illinois Bundleflower, Black Sampson, Wild Sunflower, and more. Our seed mixes are of the highest quality. We use the best native grass seeds to help increase seed germination.

Native Grass List:

  • Big Bluestem
  • Little Bluestem
  • Switchgrass
  • Indian Grass
  • Western Wheatgrass

Who can I contact for help with enrolling in the CRP program?

We help farmers, ranchers, and property owners with the enrollment process into the CRP program. We assist you through the entire process of turning your land from agricultural production to planting the native grasses that help improve environmental health and habitat. We can start from scratch or overseed existing CRP land. Our main goal is to help you understand the rules of CRP and complete the program requirements.

What is the CRP process?

The process starts with purchasing the native grass seed for your area. The program includes ongoing maintenance.

How long is a CRP program or contract?

If you qualify for CRP, the typical period of enrollment in CRP is 10-15 years in length.

Should I rent equipment for CRP planting?

Yes, you can decide to rent your own equipment for CRP planting. However, hiring a professional to help you through the entire process, and a company with the tools, equipment and experience to complete your project, allows you peace of mind. It is not cost effective to purchase your own equipment for CRP planting. And, if you don't fully understand the process the rental fees could also be costly.

How can I get started with CRP program?

We are taking bookings now for fall seeding, planting many new acres this fall so please call or email to reserve your booking.

Do you do more than just CRP planting?

Yes, we manage farm land and acreages and provide commercial grass seeding (new planting and overseed), hay or forage seeding, and food plot management services.

Food Plots

We offer food plot management services to put in a wildlife food plot. We do it all from selecting the different seed types to installations and maintenance.

  • Food Plot Preparation - consists of replenishing the nutrients absent in the soil.
  • Food Plot Installations - this service includes soil testing, bush/ brush hogging to eliminate heavy brush. We then prepare the land by adding lime or fertilizer. We rototill and cultipack all seed installations.
  • Food Plot Maintenance Services - we provide mowing, fertilizing, soil correction, weed control, and over-seeding services.


We plant a variety of forages for your haying needs. Improve forage quality while saving money on hay costs with high-quality pastures and hay fields by Standing C Excavating.

  • Soil Testing
  • New Pasture planting
  • Pasture Renovations for pastures that need refreshed with pasture over-seeding
  • Existing pasture planting with new varieties
  • Pasture Maintenance
  • Seed Drilling
  • Pasture Fertilization
  • Pasture Liming
  • Bush Hogging
  • Weed Control & Spraying

The Standing C Excavating Difference

We are a professional planting service. We work with our customers to meet their goals. We have the equipment needed to provide professional seed and planting services to farmers, ranchers and land owners. For the best coverage we have specific techniques that sets us apart from the rest. Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or simply overseed, give us a call today!